Gran Fondo National Series Amenities


We understand that the Gran Fondo marketplace provides lots of options to the consumer, and as such created this non-all-inclusive list as to what to expect from a GFNS event. Our key crew are all rather serious cyclists, so we understand what makes a great cycling experience and that shows in the quality of our events.

We only use venues that support local cycling and are happy to have us there.

Route Marking
We take pride in our route marking. We often make the claim “You have to try to get lost on one of our routes!” The handful of people who have gotten lost over the last few years were very quick to admit to us that they were talking and otherwise not paying attention to the road markings and arrow signs.

Route Quality
Being cyclists ourselves, we understand what makes an enjoyable route and strive to only use high quality roads.

Route Difficulty
We see our events as a goal and as such have chosen to make the courses rather difficult.

Finish line celebration
We ensure every one of our events finishes with a great party with music (sometimes live), delicious food from a local vendor, and both leaded (local craft beer) and unleaded beverages.

Time Section Racing
While a very small portion of cyclists enjoy hammering for 100 miles, most don’t. As such we’ve chosen to go with the much more difficult to time, time section format. This format means you get to ride at your chosen pace, go full gas during the time section, and then regroup and ride with friends/family again.

Our results are correct and live. A link to the results is always sent to your e-mail address while out on course.