Team Category

Team category will be awarded at all 2019 Gran Fondo National Series events.
We will be awarding the winning team with 4 comp entries good for an event in the next 11 months.

The following rules apply:

  • Team-time is equal to the sum of any 4 team riders cumulative times (add 4 riders times together and it equals a team-time).

  • A team member bonus of 15” per team member shall be subtracted from each team's team-time.

  • Teams must have four (4) or more riders to qualify. If a team has more than 4 riders, the team's four fastest rider’s times will make up the team-time. Of course the more riders a team has will benefit the team as each team member is worth 15" of the team-time.  

  • Team category is only for the Gran Route distance (~100 miles).

  • All teams must be registered under the same team name prior to the start of the event.

  • Team riders are still eligible for individual awards.

  • No Team Cars are allowed to follow the route.



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