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GRAN FONDO MARYLAND | 2018 Gran Fondo National Championship


Event Open to All from Beginner to Elite

3 Loops to Choose From: 100 mile, 60 mile, 30 mile

presented by Hub Labels

*Event T-Shirt included only for registrations received before 9/13/18


Reservations still available for private dinner at Volt with Chef Bryan Voltaggio. This special 4-course dinner will be on Saturday night before Sunday's Gran Fondo Maryland. Proceeds from the dinner will support SHIP (Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership).

Benefiting SHIP  SHIP (Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership) was created as the Frederick County Community came together in late 2013 after learning that there are literally hundreds of children within FCPS that are encountering homelessness each year.

Benefiting SHIP

SHIP (Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership) was created as the Frederick County Community came together in late 2013 after learning that there are literally hundreds of children within FCPS that are encountering homelessness each year.

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RCCC Bike Collection for Bikes for the World will be at the start/finish area.  Bring ANY old bike you have sitting around.

Check-in & Packet Pick Up:

Saturday 9/22/18 and Sunday 9/23/18

Saturday From 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Monocacy Brewing Company, 1781 N. Market St. Frederick, MD 21701)

Sunday From 6:00 AM to 7:15 AM; 500 Fleming Ave, Frederick, MD 21701 (at location of race start)
8:00AM Start, riders must be at start line at 7:45AM for race briefing

Course Description

After starting in historic downtown Frederick Maryland, the 100 mile Gran Fondo National Series, Gran Route, will gain over 10,000 feet of elevation through several different state parks, municipal forests, protected watersheds, and the Catoctin Mountain National Park.  Riders will travel northwest out of the city of Frederick before entering the Frederick Municipal Forest where the first timed section will gain over 1270 feet in a 5.6 mile race segment. At the top riders will be able to relax and enjoy the cool mountain forest as the course plummets over the west side of the mountain range.

The second timed section ascends the southern approach to Harp Hill for a punchy up-down-up-down-up lasting for a brief 1.4 miles and 279 feet of vertical gain. For the next 25 miles and 2500 feet of cumulative gain, the route then follows a mix of small and obscure backroads heading north towards the decommissioned military base of Fort Ritchie.

Time Section #3 is a more dynamic segment and certainly cannot be called a timed climb. Section #3 will require riders to use caution and technical skill with several 90° turns including an old bridge crossing and tarp & chip road surface. The section starts on a wide downhill roadway where for the first 4.9 miles riders lose 500 feet of elevation before hitting the last 1k and 300 vertical feet to the finish of section #3 on top of Hornets Nest Road. Time segment #3 known as The Gully of Darius is a total of 5.5 miles -574 /+386 feet.  From here the route heads south and works its way back exploring nooks and crannies in the Catoctin Mountain Range and travels through Catoctin Mountain National Park  for 22 miles and +2250 feet of untimed pedaling. Past riders will be able to take special appreciation as they descend Park Central Road, which was used in the opposite direct as race section #2 in past years.

As Gran Route riders approach mile 71 they need to take in a deep breath, shake out their legs and prepare for the hardest segment of the day, (this segment also counts as a time segment for Medio Route riders). Section #4 is 11.4 miles +1203 feet and will test every rider’s ability! The segment starts by gaining 784 feet over the first 4.6 miles and then continues for a challenging and undulating 6.8 miles on top of the mountain ridge on Gambrill Park Road through Frederick Watershed and into Gambrill State Park. After completing time section #4, riders will have over 1000 feet of elevation on their side as they drop off the mountain range and into the valley towards the finish, but completing the route in not over, there are still some hills that are sure to make riders know they are still alive. Riders will return back into historic downtown Fredrick and be welcome to well deserved festivities at the finish line, complete with great food, beverage, and more fun.

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NOTE:  Details below are carried over form 2017, though many will be the same, you will need to check back closer to your event to confirm details. 

We would like to thank you for registering for Gran Fondo Maryland

Please read all notes below

You must return you timing chip or you will be charged $100. Please make sure you return it!  All Timing chips are issued/installed on race morning.

You must start on time at 8:00 AM or your times will not be counted. Race briefing is at 7:45AM You must be there to start!

This is not a Start to Finish Race! Time sections determine placement.

The course is open to traffic – you must obey traffic laws! That means stop at lights and stop signs.

Registration will also be available at an increased fee on Saturday and Sunday, tell your friends to sign up now, they can still register.

Packet Pick Up: (You must check-in in person, you must show photo ID to check in)

All Timing-chips are issued/installed on race morning, this should be done after you are completely dressed and ready to ride, it takes about 2 minutes.  Timing chip is a separate process than registration. You must register and then after registering, and getting fully dressed for the ride, you will then pick up your timing chip by showing your race number pinned to your back (anywhere on your back is fine).

Don’t be afraid to be early on Sunday, you are better off having some extra time than being rushed.

Please follow direction and park responsibly in designated parking spaces. Parking for the first 200 folks will be in the lot at Frederick High School.  Most on street parking near Baker Park is unmetered, but we encourage you to ensure it’s not a “resident only” location.

Do not park in regulated parking spots, you will get fined.

Pit Stop:
There will be 4 Pit Stops along the 100 mile route, 3 on the 60mi, and 1 on the 30 mile route. Each Pit Stop will be fully stocked with Water, HEED Drink Mix, Hammer Gel, Endurolyte Fizz, Bananas, PB&J Sandwiches, Cookies, Chips and Pretzels.

Bathrooms Pit Stop will have bathrooms.  Please use bathrooms.

Drop Bags:
A drop-box will be taken to Pit Stops 1 & 3 on the 100 mile route, this is Pit Stops 1 & 2 on the 60 mile route.  This service is meant for you to have your own food, drink, or nutritional product on the course. If you put a jacket/vest, or other item of clothing in your drop bag you should take it with you as you leave the Pit Stop. We are not responsible for items left at the Pit Stop.  DO NOT PUT THINGS IN THE DROP BOX THAT YOU EXPECT TO BE TRANSPORTED BACK TO THE START/FINISH AREA. PLAN ON PICKING YOUR ITEMS UP AS YOU PASS THROUGH THE Pit Stop. Drop-Boxes are for thing to go out, not things to come back!

We are not responsible for lost or damaged goods in a drop bag. We are not responsible for drop bags left after the event. Drop boxes will be transported back to the finish area at the end of the event – estimated time for drop box to be back at finish area is 6pm.

Timing Chips

  • All riders must have timing chips installed on race morning.

  • You will be issued a timing chip, if you do not return the timing chip you will be charged $100.

Race numbers must be mounted on your back right-hand side or center and be easily readable.

Gran Fondo National Series Maps

Get the RideWithGPS App and load the route to your smart phone or GPS

Time Sections: (THE RACE) This is not a start to finish race, your overall time is not calculated and does not matter. The  first person back wins nothing.

You Must Obey Traffic Laws. This is not a closed course, Think Safety First.

Do not cause an accident!!!

Be respectful of others on the road!

During all race sections you have the right of way. When you are outside of race sections you do not have the right of way, this means when you come to a sign or signal you should slow down, stop, and be safe.

There are timed sections along the route. As you approach the timed sections you must travel through the designated area (in your lane of traffic!) so your chip can be properly read and recorded. The times for your timed sections will be compiled and determine placement. 100 mile has 4 timed sections; 60 mile has 2 timed sections; 30 mile has 1 timed section. You can view all the details for timed section by clicking here to see the maps page, click the map icons for details.

Timed sections are open for specific durations. In order to be timed and eligible for awards you must maintain a progression speed between 22mph and 10mph. NOTE: this is progression speed not average speed, progression speed includes all stopped time, like standing around at pit stops.

Riders must progress between speeds of 22mph to 10mph. These speeds are based on progression, not average speed, and include all stopped time like hanging out at a Pit Stop

Cut off times No exceptions for 100 & 60 mile riders!

If you do not maintain an average progression speed greater than 10mph you will be directed to take a shorter route. These cut off spots will happen at the pre-established splits and you will be directed to the shorter route. Please Note: This is a 10mph progression speed not average speed. Progression speed includes all stopped time. No exceptions!

Awards and Raffles will be held at 3:00 for 30 & 60 mile riders and 4:00 PM for 100 mile riders:

Gran Loop (100 mile) finishers will receive a finisher medal.

Awards are given for the fastest times, three deep for each category. Custom produced Gran Fondo Maryland Winners Kit’s will be awarded to the fastest riders in each age category of the 100 mile event. Categories may be combined at promoter’s discretion. The fastest male in section 2 and in section 4 and the fastest female in section 1 and in section 3 will win a prize.

Yes 3:00 & 4:00, we will try to do awards as early as possible. Please understand, it is not possible to tell who won until everyone is finish– this is the nature of a gran fondo, the first one back is not necessarily the winner. Also consider he 3rd place finisher in another age group might not be back yet. We will have great food and drinks (beer), and  music to help you get to 5:00. You will not be given any awards until the awards ceremony. If you do place in the top three of your age group, and you cannot/wish-not-to wait for the awards ceremony, you can send $5 to GFNCS 307 York Street Gettysburg, PA and request your award; and we will mail you your award. If you are not present at awards you will not receive any prizes, the prize will go to raffle and make someone else happy.

Yes the raffle– Yes the raffle, directly following 100 mile awards, we will have great stuff for the raffle from our sponsors including, a stay at Garda Bike Hotel, an Industry Nine Hub-set, a Shimano Road Components, Feedback Sports bike stand, SeaSucker vacuum mount bike rack, Crotch Guard, Swiftwick socks, Hammer Nutrition, Jittery Joe’s Coffee, as well as other great prizes). Yes, it’s worth sticking around for!  (List subject to change, but not much).

Post Ride Food

We will have hot food from Bryan Voltaggio, unleaded drinks, beer from Monocacy Brewing Company, and music… plan to stick around for the post ride Fun!

Thanks to all of our great sponsors: SwiftwickShimanoIndustry NineBicycling MagazineHammer NutritionFeedback SportsCrotch GuardGarda Bike HotelSeaSucker Vacuum Mount Bike RacksJittery Joe’s CoffeeBikeFlightsHUB Labels, and Capua Law Firm.

Start Time:
Riders meeting to take place at 7:45 AM.  Event to start at 8:00 AM. (you must start on time)

Event will start and finish at  Frederick, MD 21701

See map: , Frederick, MD 21701

What to bring:
Please check the weather and make sure you have adequate clothing. If you get caught in a passing shower on the top of a mountain it can be very cold! We recommend carrying a light weight cycling jacket. (you don’t need to carry food, you can eat at Pit Stops plan to carry a jacket).


  • Live Results will be posted as the event progresses- See our home page on race day for results

From the staff of GFNS, we would like to thank you once again for your participation. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at

Tell your friends to get registered now! The course is dialed!

Yours Truly,

GFNS Staff



A special thank you to all our sponsors and those who support the


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