Free Entry Details for Gran Fondo Winners

The GFNS offers a free complimentary entry, to attend the national championship event, to all winners of any 2018 gran fondo event held in North America . This applies to gran route (long distance) gran fondo winners. Reuben Kline, director of the GFNS, stated β€œThe GFNS wants to welcome all winners of any 2018 gran fondo event held in North America to attend the Gran Fondo National Championship.  By providing a free complimentary entry to every winner of any gran route distance gran fondo, we hope to bring out the highest level of competition possible.  We want to make sure the North American audience realizes a gran fondo is a bike race.”  If you win a long distance gran fondo in 2018, you win a free entry to the Gran Fondo National Championship in 2018.

Please note; there is no qualification to enter the Gran Fondo National Championship; the event is open to all.

The free entry applies only to the National Championship event for 2019.

If you have won, or win, a long distance gran fondo in 2019, please email us with the details at including links to results and we will get you set with a complimentary entry to the 2019 Gran Fondo National Championship.  (This offer applies to all long distance gran fondo category winners and does not include short distance gran fondo categories).

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